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Naamakaran sanskar (Kit)

"Hello punditji team based on the quality and experience of pandits prepared Naamakaran Puja Kit and provides the materials. By our online services we can provide you experienced pandits for Naamakaran pooja .We are playing a leading role in providing a Naamakaran pooja content. Through our website we can meet all your religious needs. Through us you can also book online pandits. Based on Puja and worship these pandit are having high experience. " Read More

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Namkaran sanskar is an important rite which falls under hindu religion. It shall be done on the eleventh day of the birth of the child s. Hindu Vedic beliefs that there are 16 kinds of values in human life. Under naming newborn baby as her name recognition comes investiture. There are two other names often a secret nickname name, and the other name Constellation-related interests have been stored. Secret name is not known to anyone except parents. It was towards her Marn, deflexion and Mohan etc incantation is karma fails. Constellation names or amounts of the benefit is that it makes it easier to make the horoscope. The name should also beautiful and expressive. Bad and ugly names should never be named. And namkaran sanskar increases baptisms age and fame and temporal behavior of the individual in the name of another entity is formed. In sanskar the child should lick honey, sweet speech, Suryadarshan is made and wished the child to hold the glory of the sun-intensity, as well as land to salute the dedication is devoutly to Devsanskriti. By the hand of her baby's new name everyone Chiranjeevi, conscientious, healthy and prosperous is wished. According to Indian thought is immortal soul-ajar. The body is destroyed, but the soul persevere with him. Boy what time, what constellation, etc. have originated, it is according to a certain law. Home of a priest or a scholar born child stars, planets, etc., according to the amount that the naming of the child. Naming three base override. First, the baby is born in the constellation, the constellation are identified. Hence the name beginning with the letter assigned to the constellation must be aware of the name of the birth constellation and astrological horoscope can also be understood. Second, and third, to be primarily scientific names called her Jatinam, race, tribe and be aware of the gotra.

Naamakaran Samagri (Ingredients):-

Provided by us:-
  • dhoop
  • rolee
  • laung
  • supaaree
  • rolee
  • akshat
  • chandan
  • haldee paudar
  • saabut haldee
  • gangaajal
  • mishree
  • cheenee janeoo
  • dhoop
  • kapoor
  • ghee
  • battee(jyoti)
  • battee seedhee
  • maachis
  • deepak
  • agarabattee

  • laal vastr
  • saphed vastr
  • tel
  • kesar panchameva
  • ilaeechee
  • dona
  • molee
  • sugandhit dravy
  • abeer
  • gulaal
  • genhoo
  • shahad
  • peelee sarason
To be arranged by client–
  • panchaamrt
  • phal
  • mithaee
  • naariyal
  • phool
  • durva
  • phool maala
  • pancharatn
  • chaadar-2
  • kalash
  • katore/ chammache/ thaalee
  • aam ke patte
  • paan ka patta
  • ganesh moortee
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