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Shani Puja (kit)

"We are offering to the client’s shani puja kit. The shani puja kit offered by us is designed for worshiping lord shani. All devotees of lord shani, worship to him for both physical and mental strength. Our shani puja kit is especially designed to perform the shani pujan as per the ancient scriptures. The shani puja kit comprises of all the items required in the worshiping of lord shani." Read More

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About Shani Dev
Shani is is a son of Surya Devta. He is generally depicted in dark complexion, clothed in black. Shri Shani Mahatmya describes the story of Shani's life. Shani Maharaj is a great devotee of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. In Sanskrit Shani is called Sanischara, which means, "slow mover". Shani spends 2.5 years (Dhaiya) in each rashi. When we add the 2.5 years in previous and 2.5 years in next rashi together, the time period of 7.5 years is called Saadesaati, and the person faces challenging time during the period. Shani Puja is dedicated to Sani Bhagavan – one among the Navgrahas. Sani is known as Saturn in English. Shani is feared by those people who believe in astrology as He is believed to create problems in horoscope. Shani Puja is done to escape from all troubles and bad times created by Sani. Here is a simple procedure to perform Shani Puja.Shani Puja is done on Saturday or Shanivar. Apart from puja, the person also fast from sunrise to sunset on Saturday. Wake up early in the morning. After bathing wear black clothes. Offer prayers to Ganesha. Use Til (Sesame) oil to light lamps on the day. Worship a murti of Sani Bhagavan made of iron. If murti is not available, offer prayer in mind – or by meditating on a painting or picture of Shani. Offer black sesame seeds (Til) to Shani. Chant the Shani Gayatri Mantra - The mantra is:
Aum Sanaischaraya Vidmahe,
Sooryaputraya Dheemahi,
Tanno Manda Prachodayat.

Offer prayers to Hanuman. Offer Sindhur (if possible) and a banana to Hanuman. You can visit Navgraha temple or Shani Temple or Hanuman Temple on the day. If possible offer food to a hungry person. To break fast after sunset, you can take rice mixed with black urad dal. You can also eat food made from Til. (This is flexible you eat any vegetarian food to break fast if black dal or til is no available).


Mustard oil.
God Shani’s aarti
Black ‘Urud.
black ‘til Deepak
Cotton wick
Iron nail
Black Cloth
Match Box
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